Good Pillow

Sleeping with a good pillow is important, it will provide comfort, support and pain relief. Many factors determine the quality of a pillow, i.e.  the neck support, the entire shape, the material, and the height.

Good support

Why not sleep with a standard pillow? The drawback of an ordinary pillow is it does not sufficiently support your neck. Even when you push a regular pillow up firmly under your neck, the support will not last. After a while you will move or turn and your self-made neck support will be gone.


        Poor Neck Support                                              Good Neck Support

There is a wide range of pillows with an integrated support for the neck. However, on most neck pillows the supports are too big and may even reach up to your ear. In order to properly support the neck, the pillow should be highest close to the shoulder and then the contour should gradually go down following the shape of the head.

The shape of the Hi4 Deluxe Pillow has specifically been designed and tested to support the neck and head as best as possible. Children however have smaller necks and therefor require a slightly different pillow shape with an even smaller neck support. That is why we have designed the Hi4Kids. Its unique shape optimally supports the neck and head of a child.

Curved Shape

Whether the neck support is straight or not will also influence the support and comfort. A curved neck support will not so much push back against your cheek. If the pillow is three-dimensionally shaped in a mold it can be lower at the sides which will minimize the pressure on your cheek.


                  Straight Neck Support                                   Curved Neck Support

Another advantage of the curved shape is it perfectly aligns to your shoulders when sleeping on your back.

NASA Memory Foam

Pillows can be made out of all sorts of materials. Memory foam and latex pillows tend to last longer than most other types of pillow fill. Memory foam -also known as "NASA foam"- has excellent pressure relieving qualities. Over the years Mikoala has conducted extensive testing and has chosen a comfortable soft memory foam that remains relatively soft in low temperatures (other memory foam pillows can often get uncomfortably firm). 

Good Height

It is paramount for good support that your pillow has the proper height.


                             Pillow too low                                                           Pillow too high

A good pillow should therefor be height adjustableThis provides a number of important advantages.

The pillow height can optimally be adapted to:

  • Your physical properties
  • Your favorite sleeping position
  • The softness of your mattress and bed base
  • Changing conditions, for example on holiday


Hi4 Deluxe Pillow adjusted to optimal height

The height adjustability provides yet another great advantage for growing children. As your child grows bigger you will be able to easily increase the height of a Hi4Kids pillow to perfectly suit your child.

Good posture

Last but not least: However good a pillow may be, if you sleep with it in a poor posture this may cause discomfort or even pain. It is important to sleep in a good posture. Preferably on your side or alternatively on your back. When sleeping on your side, ensure you'll predominantly remain on your side by using a pillow that supports your body like the Mikoala Body Supporter Pillow.

Your mattress and foundation can have quite an influence as well. Make sure you sleep on a high quality mattress and bed base, suited to your body and personal preference, read more about mattress and bed base..

Start sleeping wise today! The way you sleep matters. For more information see the Hi4Pillow 'Deluxe' and Mikoala Body Pillow underneath.

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Set: Hi4 Deluxe + Body Pillow + covers

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