Set: Hi4 Deluxe + Body Pillow


1 x Hi4Deluxe (including 2 satin cover)

The Hi4Pillow 'Deluxe' is adjustable in 8 height settings. It comes in an adjustable velour cover and with separate pads (3 pads included). The pads can easily be placed inside the Hi4 Pillow cover.
This provides a number of advantages. The pillow height can optimally be adjusted to:

  • Your physical properties
  • Your favorite sleeping position
  • The softness of your mattress and bed base
  • Changing conditions, for example on holiday

1 x Body Pillow (including 2 satin cover)

The Mikoala Body Supporter is the perfect body pillow which allows you to obtain a good sleeping posture.

The dimensions and design have been carefully chosen in such way the pillow provides excellent support to your arms and legs whilst keeping the volume of the pillow relatively small.

The small size enables you to easily move the pillow with you when you move into another sleeping position during your sleep. The dimensions of the Mikoala are 43 x 9 x 2-4 inch (110 x 22 x 5-10 cm)

Why you should choose for Hi4 Deluxe plus Body Pillow

With the combination of the Hi4 Deluxe and Body pillow you will sleep very comfortable and complaints could be prevented. Regularly people sleep half on their side and half on their stomachs. This often leads to rotation in the neck. The body pillow supports you to mainly sleep on your side, preventing rotation of the neck. Therefore we advise you to use both the Hi4 Deluxe and Body Supporter Pillow! 

It may take some time to get used to, but it will be well worth it. Also see testimonials for more information.


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Set: Hi4 Deluxe + Body Pillow + covers

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Hi4 Deluxe + Body Pillow